Life Sucks, Get Yourself a Dog

Ok we live in an unprecedented time of all-encompassing materialism and superficiality… just take a listen at the new music for proof. It is positively dreadful and thin, like a bleached echo of some artificial reality.

Everyone trying to fit in to this saccharine, plastic, mass-produced, soda pop world where one has to wonder – what are you trying to fit in to. Young people have no purpose, other than to look good, be cool, have many likes etc. “I just want to be myself”, they say, while buying another iPhone and pair of Nike shoes to be accepted.

Social media is literally killing off an entire generation. (Note: you can actually post items of substance beyond “look at me” – suicidal but smiling)

Where are the peace protests and anti-war anthems? Where is the counter culture? If you are so pissed off with the 1% why is your sole aim in life to be one of them? Change the world don’t try to be accepted by it! If your life sucks because it isn’t actually your life that your are living, then shouldn’t that alone tell you something?

That big gaping hole inside will not be filled by any of this crap. Make your own music. Be your own soundtrack. Live a completely authentic, uncompromising life. Don’t try to fit in, rage against the machine. Whatever the omnipresent corps and govts want you to be – be something else. Whatever truth the establishment is peddling; reject it. Find your own truth. Conformity is cowardice and way too easy! Seek truth and peace, real peace! Find your own voice, whether others like it or not – this is what made the 60s and 70s so different. The far too many isms and ologies won’t save you, the dirty little secret is they never really have saved anyone.

You are not just another brick in the wall or cog in the machine. You are you, the only one, singular and worthy. Cast your own shadow. And finally…

…get yourself a dog.


Musings on a Cold Morning

Musings when walking the dog on a frigid (globally warmed) morning –

Seek out what’s real and what’s right, every single day you are alive, then it doesn’t matter what your ideology is?

Politics is about group-think, which means the group does the thinking for you. Don’t fall for it. Be your own party. Think for yourself. Be your own label.

Left or right, or center even? I’d rather be a realist, a factualist, a naturist…. someone who is in sync with truth, human dignity and the rhythm of the natural world.

If it is mainstream, establishment, consensus, dogma – don’t trust it, question it deeply, stay clear of it. The human soul always gets crushed in the machine.

Over 50 years has taught me that I know very little it seems, about what is real and true. But there is still time left. To be a student of life is all there is really. Now the West scoffs at such a thing as self-reflection. But what is the west or any other wasteland to me?

NTCS – Science, Pyramids, ETC

Note to Collective Self (er YOU in other words) –

A hypothesis is not a conclusion!

There is no such thing as settled science!

This is especially true in what is called nutrition science, which is funded by and large by BIG FOOD CORPS!

If an established authority such as the AHA (American Heart Assn) issues food guidelines, it is not your health or best interest they have in mind.


Pyramids seem to be strong and unbreakable but in practice they generally end in pain, misery, bondage and destruction (Ancient Egypt, pyramid schemes, food pyramids, etc) – stay far away from them in other words; choose another shape!

Low Carb Coco-Flax Bread

My own custom recipe; trust me this is better than most on the web.

– 1/2 cup Organic coco flour
– 1/4 cup flax seed
– 1/4 cup ground flax meal
– 6 Free range eggs
– 1/4 cup of water
– 3 TBSP Grapeseed oil (can use olive, butter or lard)
– 2 tsp of wild honey
– 1 1/2 TBSP Baking powder (aluminum free)
– Touch of Himalayan pink salt
– Sprinkle with flax (or poppy) seed on top

325 degrees for 45 minutes; drizzle with butter just before taking out

You can also make this in the microwave!


A general principle with regard to dietary intake is that the human body will, wherever possible, seek to “keep its internal conditions constant” (The Big Fat Surprise) through autonomic regulation and correction. A number of organs, systems and processes are designed for this important regulatory purpose.

When we open the window on a winter day, for example, the thermostat connected to our furnace will automatically trigger the gas to heat the air.

Understanding the impact of what we eat (and even when we eat) on the baseline (optimal) conditions of our body, can go a long way in informing us what causes the least amount of stress or “correction”.

And of course, these baseline conditions may be unique to each individual based on age, gender, genetics etc.